• Frank West

If You Want to Build a House, Build a House...

Years ago, I remember watching an interview with Christopher Walken, and when asked about how he began his acting career (basically taking any job he was offered in the theater) he said, "If you want to build a house, go out and build a house." How true that is for learning or trying anything new! This brings me to this months sadhana (practice). Yoga oftentimes makes use of visualizations and awareness based sensation perception. For instance, during practice you may be asked to visualize your spine lengthening up to improve your posture, or you may be asked to focus on the sensation of your breath to deepen a pose. So this month why not work on strengthening your visualization skills to enhance your yoga practice?

To do this try and become more comfortable with the more internal aspects of the poses. Whenever you can let your eyes close do it. Focus on the sensations of stretching and strengthening without adding a dialogue to it. Be proactive about visualizing what each part of your body is doing in a pose, literally from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head. And take a moment to explore how a pose changes if you do small things like lift your gaze, reach through the fingertips, or engage your core. If you are looking to enhance your experience of yoga, try and view the time you spend on the mat as the time you get to tune in instead of tune out. You may be surprised to find that in doing so you will improve your mood, your performance, and your stress management skills. The only catch is, you have to commit to trying.




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