Class Level Descriptions

Beginner (Beg)

No experience necessary.  Classes labeled beginner are all about building strong foundational understanding of alignment and breath. Modifications and props are offered to enhance the experience of poses while teaching students healthy adjustments to protect and/or manage injuries.  While these classes are focused on teaching the basics of yoga, that does not necessarily mean easy.  It can also be an appropriate level to compliment higher level classes.  We are all beginners!



Beginner/Intermediate (Beg/Int)

This class serves as a bridge between Beginner and Intermediate level classes.  They are meant to be beginner friendly while offering opportunities for physical challenge.  Students who feel comfortable in beginner level are encouraged to try Beg/Int to challenge themselves physically and mentally.  It's not only a great indicator of progress, but a great way to redefine mind-made limitations.  




This simply means an all levels class.  Modifications and deeper variations are offered throughout to ensure that everyone is getting a practice that meets their needs.  While no experience is necessary at least three months of practice is recommended.  This level (excluding Deep Relaxation and Meditation) is not an ideal option for students suffering from severe wrist pain or the complete beginner.



Intermediate (Int)

Intermediate level classes are designed to be phyically and mentally challenging.  This level class utilizes endurance based sequences.  While all levels of practitioners are welcome to join the class, its strongly recommended that students have a basic understanding of how to modify poses.  Typical sequences will explore arm balances, binds, and inversions as more complex asanas (postures) are offered throughout.  



Intermediate/Advanced (Int/Adv)

At least six months of continuous experience is recommended.  Classes at this level utilize advanced poses in addition to advanced meditation and pranayama techniques.  Expect sequences that are designed around more complex philosophical themes as you flow through postures that integrate arm balances, inversions, binds, and bandhas.   



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